Prone Target

In Prone target shooting the rifle is shot from the lying position while resting on elbows. The rifles used are typically Anschutz target rifles which are very accurate. The rifles are single shot and the sights are aperture sights. Prone target is shot at 25m indoors and 50m and 100m outdoors.

Bench Rest

In Bench Rest shooting the rifle is shot while seated at a bench with the rifle supported at the front by a rest. Anschutz rifles are typically used as they are very accurate. A high magnification telescopic sight is normally used. Bench Rest is shot at 25 metres indoors and 50 and 100 metres on the outdoor range

Light Weight Sport Rifle

In Light Weight Sport Rifle the rifle is shot while standing with no support or extra additional equipment

Long Barelled Pistol

In Long Barreled Pistol shooting the pistol is shot standing with no support or additional equipment. The pistol must be shot one-handed.